Test 4

1. What city was Philemon from?

2. Paul and Peter each had an amanuensis for some of their letters, that is, a type of secretary. We donít know about all of their letters, but we do know the name of the amanuensis for one of Paulís letters and one of Peterís letters. Which letters are they, and who were the amanuenses?

3. Who was the first person to prophesy?

4. We know of one person from the Bible who went to heaven but was not baptized; who was that?

5. Which of the Apostles had a twin?

6. After Sarah died, Abraham remarried: what was his second wifeís name?

7. How many children did she bear Abraham?

8. What was Barnabasí original name, and what Jewish tribe was he from?

9. Jesus walked on water. Who else walked on water?

10. Who were Peterís partners in his fishing business?

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